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|-> OUTSIDE ITALY -> LONDON - El Pallasso i el Führer (The Clown and the Führer)
El Pallasso i el Führer (The Clown and the Führer), St. Johns Wood

Category:Film and Cinema in St. Johns Wood

Monday, 17 November
15:00 to midnight

Ye Olde Swiss Cottage
98 Finchley Road, St. Johns Wood, London NW3 5EL
+44 20 75860298

Cost: free

Summoned to perform for Hitler’s birthday, legendary Spanish clown Charlie Rivel and sidekick Witzi must rehearse an act with Gestapo agent Krauss in a Berlin theatre. To Rivel’s discomfort Witzi sees art as a way of taking a moral stand against the Nazis, yet Krauss could consign them both to Auschwitz at the merest slight to his ego. As this uneasy trio prepare for the show, a gripping test of loyalties ensues, and a chance to change the course of history presents itself.
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